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FIFA Reopens Sale of Tickets for the World Cup


After exhausting the tickets in record time available for the first sales phase of the World Cup in Brazil, FIFA released resale of load of ticket packages for 2014 World Cup.

Resale of tickets in the second phase of sales will be made until January 30, 2014. To order entries, fans should access the site from FIFA, making a record and select the games they want to see in World Cup – 2014. No need to worry about ordering the tickets in the second phase. FIFA ensures that all requests – from December 8 to January 30 – will be processed together, regardless of the order of arrival.

If the number of requests per game is greater than the number of tickets available, a lottery will be held, and awarded entries will receive a confirmation from January 31, 2014.

world cup 2014 ticket packagesTicket Availability

Of about 3.3 million tickets available for the World Cup 2014in Brazil, 1.1 million were sold out within the first few phase of sales, even the clashes between the teams were not yet known.

Now, with the draw for the groups defined, FIFA has not confirmed how many tickets will go on sale. Still, the entries will be available for all matches of the World Cup, except for the opening and final phase.

High Demand

Because of the success of the initial sales – especially for the major games, FIFA did not put any input on sale for the first game in the Corinthians Arena on June 12. In the next phases of sales, however, the availability of the tickets have been revised in consideration of the all the remaining games.

The matches scheduled for the Arena Corinthians also undergo a change in sales. Due to the accident at the site on November 27 – which had two fatalities – FIFA opted to decrease the load of tickets to the stadium in Sao Paulo by 7%. They were not certain about the number of seats the arena corintiana will finally hold.

Limited Entries

Tickets for games of the Brazilian team will also be limited in this new phase. Because of the great demand in the previous phase, only 8% of entries for matches with Brazil in the field will be available for purchase.

Moreover, in this revised phase, sale of cheapest tickets will not be available online or for the general public. “Under category 4” it has been created only for residents in Brazil.

Media Assistance

The BBC has prepared a series of guidelines to make the details of ticket sales for the World Cup. There are four categories of tickets for the World Cup in Brazil:

Category 1: the most expensive, so-called “prime area”. It is situated in the main part of the stadium, with seating position varies according to the proximity of the field.

Category 2: the second most expensive, with seats located between the central bleachers and located closer to the goal.

Category 3: located behind the goal.

Category 4: the cheapest available only to residents in Brazil. The seats are located behind the goals at the highest sections of the stadium.

There are also various packages of ticket in the context of 2014 world cup, like cabins and VIP sectors of stadiums, which are available for purchase at the special website of the official FIFA hospitality.


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