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Enhance Stairway Safety by Installing Stairnosing


One of the prominent places where most slips and falls occur is stairways. The risk of slips and trips is greater in busy places like industrial workplaces and commercial buildings where the foot traffic is more than other places. Stairways can be made safer than before by installing Stairnosing in them. Nosing comes in various forms and is made up of different materials, each meant for a specific application. For shopping centers, offices and homes, fibreglass aluminum nosing is recommended. On the other hand, in commercial and industrial structures, nosing of stainless steel and galvanized iron is preferred. This article outlines the key advantages of using nosing in staircases.

Protects the stair edges:

Nosing can safeguard the edges of steps from wear. Wood and tiled staircases are particularly benefited with the installation of nosing. Even at homes, where the foot traffic is low, the varnish on the leading step edges of wooden staircases are found to be worn out. In offices, the wear is more pronounced because of the higher foot traffic. Anti-slip nosing can protect tiled and wooden stairs from getting cracked or chipped on the leading step edges. The nosing profiles usually have a groove of 30mm width, which allows the installation of various inserts as per the requirements.

For industrial stairs, steel or fibreglass nosing make a good choice they significantly expand the longevity of steel ladders commonly used in shipping, oil and mining industries.

Provides a visual reference:

A major reason behind most of the injuries resulting from slips on stairs is the absence of any visual reference indicating the connection between the leading parts of one step to the lower step. To prevent injuries because of no visual reference, a new requirement has been introduced. It states that a minimum of 30% visual difference must be provided at the leading edges of staircases. This would enable even the partially sighted people to recognize the step edges.

Some nosing also have luminous strips embedded into them, which enables people to recognize the leading step edges in case of power failure.

Anti-Slip Properties:

Nosing has anti-slip properties that provide an added protection to users of stairways. Protection of leading step edges from wear already minimizes the likelihood of slips and falls. Anti-slip properties in nosing can be increased by using inserts of non-slip grit.

Nosing made up of fiberglass comes with numerous benefits. They are ideal for industrial structures because of their strength and durability. Fiberglass nosing has outstanding resistance for corrosion by chemicals and fire. It can work well, even under high temperatures. Fiberglass makes the best choice for making nosing if the stairways are located outdoors. This is because such nosing can withstand harsh weather conditions. Its outstanding resistance to electricity and magnetic fields makes it suitable to be used in the premises of most industries. Fibreglass Stairnosing is light in weight can be installed easily with less labor and maintenance costs. Such nosing is also cheaper than most of the other alternatives. Because of these properties, fiberglass nosing has gained huge popularity in the industrial sector.


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