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2014 FIFA World Cup and the Infrastructure of Brazil


Few more days are left for the 2014 FIFA World Cup to start, which will take place in Brazil, the South American country popular throughout the world for its craze for the game. Though the tickets for the 2014 world cup to be held in Brazil have been sold like nothing else, there are many people around the world, who are worried about the future of the tournament. However, the country took firm steps ahead to clear any words of uncertainty and make this version of world cup one of the most memorable ones ever.

Brazil 2014 world cup ticketsA closer look at the infrastructure of the country will assure people of the above words:


Stadiums in the country, where the matches in the tournament will be held, is a matter of primary concern, while talking about the infrastructure of the country. All the stadiums have been remodeled keeping the matter of spectator convenience in mind. According to the football committee of the country, $1.1 billion have already been spent for the purpose of remodeling the stadiums and the surrounding areas. The basic infrastructure of the country has also received changes towards betterment. Proper safety measures have been taken to ensure that the tourists and football lovers can really enjoy the matches without any inconvenience.


The first thing that people from all over the world will notice about the country is its airport and services offered at the place. As a result, extra care has been regarding the airports throughout the country. The state airport management authority of Brazil announced an investment plan of $2.5 billion. The airports of all ten venue cities have been expanded in order to support the huge amount of spectators, who will be arriving from around the world. The airports at Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are two of the busiest airports around the world and will also be welcoming most of the spectators during the tournament. As a result, proper care has been taken of these two airports. Additionally, a new airport has been constructed at Natal.


When numerous people from almost all parts of the world visit a country, the transportation system needs to be steady in order to cope up with the pressure. Needless to say, after the stadiums and airports, the transportation system of Brazil has been treated with special attention. Monorail, metro, and light rail are used as the most common modes of transportation in most of the cities of Brazil. Following steps will hopefully provide enough convenience to people who will be visiting the country during the tournament –

  • The airport at Porto Alegre will be connected with Greater Porto Alegre Metro via a monorail line.
  • Light rail line will be used to connect the international airport of Fortaleza with the downtown.
  • All the metropolitan and venue cities will receive transportation of all possible means.

Therefore, one can stop worrying about the infrastructure and shift the focus towards buying tickets for the 2014 world cup to be held in Brazil and enjoy the tournament in a hassle-free way. Get more information about this topic; please visit this


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