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Romantic Activities in Bali for Enthusiastic Couples


Bali is the “last paradise” of the world. This exotic land has tantalized people all over the world to enjoy a perfect holiday here. It has become the dreamland for many, where luxury, waves, sand and sun meet together. Lush green forests, unexplored getaways and volcanic mountains will leave every tourist speechless. This is the perfect destination for a romantic holiday. Conduct any tours & travel agent in Bali and enjoy a wonderful stay in the resorts adorned with romanticism.

Bali is an ideal honeymoon destination with its plethora of activities to offer to the newly married couples. There are so many things to do in Bali besides lying on the pristine beaches and lazily sipping cocktails. Let us explore the varieties of activities this Indonesian island houses for couples.

Get Passionate

 Visit the famous sea temple at Bali, the Uluwatu and experience of the sunset of the place. After the sunset, you can also take the [pleasure of Kecak dance organized by the local people. Drive a short distance from Jimbaran bay and you will reach the temple. You can also have taste the seafood on the beach in a candlelight dinner with your partner.

Get Wet

Go for water rafting in this honeymoon destination! This is mostly preferred by the trilling-seeking couples. While rowing the boat, you can enjoy the stunning beauty of the countryside. With forest all around, you will pass along localities and rice paddies. You will also take a refreshing dip in the water when the boat tumbles in the river. Don’t worry; the water is not at all freezing. The raft sails over one dam and plunges you right to the finishing line. It can be really horrifying for your partner.

Hitch a Camel Ride

Want to enjoy a camel ride with your beloved? You do not have to go to Egypt for enjoying a camel ride on your honeymoon. Bali offers you this grand opportunity. You two can take a camel ride along Nusa Dua beach. Put on your wedding dress and click an exclusive photograph to adorn your photobook with an unusual photograph.

Climb the Heights

This activity is suitable for the adventurous couples. You both can climb the highest mountain in Bali and soothe your eyes with the breathtaking scenery around. Mount Agung is regarded as sacred by the Bali people. This is also said to a great symbol indicating the onset of your married life. Start hiking the mountain around 2am so that you can reach the peak right on time and can view the beauty of sunrise.

Treat Yourselves

Bali houses some of the best restaurants where honeymoon couples can give a treat to their taste-buds with multiple delicacies. If you want to go for a beach-side restaurant, you can visit Potato Head Beach Bar. Here, you will get poolside services on some unusual beds which become the dinner spots for the couple. You will have a superb eating experience!

Are you tempted by these activities? Get in touch with some tours & travel agency in Bali and enjoy a fantastic vacation.


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