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FRP as a Comprehensive Safety Solution For Industries


Major accidents in the workplace or public access area are a result of ignorance of the proper safety standards. In most of the cases, these accidents occur while accessing constructional features like stairs, ladders, ramps and decks. The positive picture is that modern anti slip mechanisms used in industrial sectors have predominantly lowered the risks of accident. Non slip FRP structures are now used in walkways, stairs, handrails, floors and ramps in order to reduce the potential chances of slipping and tripping. The use of FRP has distinctively changed the whole concept of risk management in the industrial sector.

FRP Walkways

Use of FRP in the Industrial Sector for Safety and Security

Various basic structures in like stair treads, floors, handrails and external ladders are made out of traditional materials. The regular materials like aluminum and steel is used most of the time. These particular materials are strong and durable, but they do not provide comprehensive safety solutions. In order to ensure a better work environment and minimize the chances of industrial accidents, the use of FRP is now considered being the best alternative. Let us have a look at the innovative safety solutions that require the usage of this material.

  •  Stair Nosing– In this system, the withered away edges of the stairs are covered up with FRP. This ensures better grip and reduces the chances of slipping and tripping.
  •  Ladder Capping– The rungs of the ladders that are made up of steel or aluminum become unsafe after prolonged exposure to factors like heat and moisture. Capping the rungs with FRP ensures better grip and better visibility in low light circumstances.
  •  Walkways and Deck Plating– The industrial floors work as a major reason for various accidents because they become slippery due to various factors like grease and moisture. Covering up the floors, ramp and decks with FRP grating take the safety standards to a new height.

Apart from these important security solutions there are other FRP structures like trench covers and hand rails which ensure greater safety in the industrial workspace.

FRP- A Versatile Material

FRP or Fiber Reinforced plastic is also known as glass reinforced plastic or GRP. It is basically composed of plastic matrix blended with fine glass fibers. It is lightweight, durable and compact material with lower affinity to brittleness. All these qualities have made FRP a high on demand material that is being extensively used in major industrial purposes. This valuable material is formed by molding process and the weight and strength of this material can be easily compared to the regular metals like aluminum and steel. FRP is used in various industrial safety ensuring applications because of the following characteristics:

  • High Strength, Light Weight – This material is strong yet it has the much needed light weight features, as well. The installation of this material is easier in complex constructional features.
  • Resistance- FRP is a bad conductor of heat and electricity besides being highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. This makes the material durable and long lasting.
  • Durable– FRP is a durable material and, therefore; it is a cost effective solution for the industries. Once installed, this material need not be changed for years.

These widespread features of FRP have made it an important material for use in walkways, stair treads and many more constructional features. In order to maximize workplace safety, there is no other better alternative than Fiberglass.


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