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Advantages of Getting an Estimation of Home’s Value


Every homeowner should know the true value of his home. An evaluation of your home can significantly help you know the real value of your home in the present. A professional appraisal can give you an idea of what your house would sell for if offer for sale in the market. The condition of the property over a time period would also influence its value. There are many real estate firms that provide home evaluation for free. Whether you plan to sell your house, or choose to live in it, knowing the true value of our house would prove to be very beneficial.

Here are a few situations when you can reap the benefits of knowing your home’s value:

Selling your house:

If you plan to sell your house, it is extremely important to know the real value of the house. The net proceeds one makes after selling his property is the selling price minus loan balance minus selling cost. The selling cost and loan balance may be prevailing in your region. The selling is the only variable here. Knowing the correct value of your home would be a good step towards selling it in the near future.


According to the loan program, you would be permitted to borrow a maximum of about 75% to 96.5% against your house. Apart from various credit parameters in which you have to qualify, equity in the property is a very important one. Up to some extent, the more equity you are having, the better will be the loan terms for which you would qualify. Furthermore, by knowing the value of your home, you can determine how large mortgage you can undertake.

Home Improvements:

Home remodeling is usually done for two reasons – for making the home more comfortable for living, or preparing the house to fetch a good selling price when offered for sale. In case your property is already priced high with respect to other properties in the neighborhood, doing home remodeling may not fetch a good return on investment. For instance, if the highest price of homes in your heighbor5hood is about $400,000, and the price of your home is $375,000, you cannot sell your home for above $400,000 even after remodeling it for $50,000. Hence, all the time and money invested would get wasted. Knowing your home value and the price range of properties in your neighborhood is important before deciding to invest for expensive improvements.

Plan changes:

You may not have plans to do anything of the above immediately. Still, it is wise to know the true value of your home. Your plans and situations can change in the future. Hence, when you know the worth of your property, it would be easy for you to take the right steps.

You can get a free estimation of your home valuewith the help of a reputed real estate agent. Apart from the above mentioned situations, there are several other ways in which you can get the benefits of evaluating your house. Get your home evaluated today and enjoy the benefits.


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