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Importance of FRP Beams in Industrial Construction


FRP is now being considered as a strong contender to the traditional construction materials like steel and aluminum. This material is a comprehensive answer to all the safety and security issues of the industry and, therefore, the reasons behind its growing demand are pretty clear. FRP is genuinely shaping the existing standards of the industries by replacing the alternatives that are used for the construction of reliable and secure industrial structures. The major share of the manufactured FRP products consists of industrial beams that are made out of Fibreglass.

Fibreglass BeamsWhat is FRP?

FRP is a material that has composite compounds and it is manufactured by mixing up Fibre reinforced plastic with polymer and glass. This material is tough and durable when compared to the regular alternatives like steel and aluminum. Most importantly this material is highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion which makes it distinctively long lasting.

What is FRP Beam?

The beams, which are made out of this material, imbibe all the characteristic features. The best feature of FRP is that it can be customized according to the need of the customer. The proportion of the polymers and fibers determine the property of this material and it can be used in constructional aspects involving complex structures.

Benefits of Using FRP

There are certain distinctive advantages of using FRP in the manufacture of beams. Let us have a quick look at the features that make this particular material different form the other substitutes.

  • In spite of the light weight FRP is an extremely strong material. In fact, FRP weighs one seventh as much as steel and almost half as much as aluminum. This is the prime reason for which FRP is included in the construction of complex structures.
  • FRP is resistant to corrosion and impact. Prolonged exposure to extreme climate and heated surrounding have nominal effects on FRP. The beams made out of this material are corrosion and abrasion free and, therefore, lasts longer providing a cost efficient solution to the construction.
  •  Use of FRP ensures maximum security and safety. This material is non conductive and non magnetic and thus it is an extremely safe option for industries.
  •  This material is light and strong and the beams made out of it can easily be installed. This lowers the costs of Installation to a high extent.

Applications of FRP Beams

The beams made out of this composite material are primarily used to support the significant structural features of large scale industries. These beams release the pressure out of the base structure and thus maintain strength and formability. The beams come in various shapes and sizes. The customizing options help to increase the formability of this material according to the needs of the customer. The FRP beams can withstand the external factors like heat and moisture, and for this reason it is widely used in constructions that are exposed to such conditions for a longer period of time.

Strong industrial beams manufactured from Fibreglass have changed the full design of construction. Continuous research and development by some organizations are bringing in more innovative industrial FRP structures into existence which will change the total pattern of construction in the near future. Read more…


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