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How to Buy the Best Quality Shirts for Men


A shirt is an integral part of mens’ clothing. There are few men who would love to pass their day without a shirt. However, shirts have proven to be an effective dress not only in formal events, but also in casual ones. Though many people buy mens shirts that have been put on sale, there are several other places to buy best quality shirts for men. Irrespective of the places, here is a simple guide to help people buy best shirts for men –

mens shirts on saleStep 1: Know the Actual Size

The size of shirts for men can be measured either by the size of the collar, or by the chest size. In either case, one needs to know the appropriate size in order to make the shirt fit in a perfect manner. For the collar size, people can measure the circumference of their neck with the help of a tape. However, it is better losing the tape by about half an inch. Otherwise, people might feel uncomfortable. Same words are applicable for the chest size. An out of size shirt, no matter how good it is, can easily ruin an event. Therefore, make sure to get the size right.

Step 2: Go for the Best Fit

A shirt should fit perfectly to make the best out of it. It should be neither too tight, nor too loose. This is the reason why more and more men are opting for tailor-made shirts rather than buying them from a retail store. However, the most important thing is a good physique. Men, who are the proud owners of a good body, can make almost any shirt work. Shirts in the recent fashion world are available in either slim fit, or normal fit. People, who are comparatively thinner, should go for the slim fit. However, others should get along with the normal fit.

mens shirts on saleStep 3: Select the Right Fabric

The fabric of a shirt plays a vital role in determining the comfort factor. Therefore, one should be extremely careful while selecting the shirt fabric. For the summer or spring days, one should never think beyond cotton shirts. Moreover, the cotton must be two fold, instead of single fold, to avoid any wear and tear. However, other materials are perfect for a cool evening in winter. Several other materials like linen, poplin, twill, and oxford are there in the market. Therefore, men can make their choice from a variety of ideas.

Step 4: Choosing the Style and Color

The style and color of a shirt should vary according to the events and their timings. For example, shades that are comparatively light in color are best for events held in the morning. However, darker shades go well for evening events. Formal shirts are the best choice for a man to wear to any formal events. However, one gets a chance to play in a larger area of styles when the event is casual.

The above steps are quite effective in buying mens shirts put on sale along with other types. Therefore, keeping the above steps in mind can help men fill their wardrobe with appropriate shirts for an event.


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