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Home Inspection – The Rule of the Market


Countless properties are offered for sale every day. Innumerable buyers crowd over a property to make the best deal. In this real estate market, one section faces a serious condition. It is the home sellers since they have to face the strict rules of a home inspection. In any place, for instance East Victoria Park, when houses are put up for sale, strangers visit the property and inspect every nook of it. For hours they keep on examining the flushes, fire ovens, washers, closets and all other appliances present in the house.

When such visitors almost tear your house, you have to make preparations to stand the competition of the housing market. There are so many houses across the market. So, prepare your home properly for the inevitable evaluation and surpass the others in the competition.

How to get through home inspection

There are certain vital areas which you must focus on to pass through the process of a home inspection. Check them out.

Inadequate Electric Systems

The circuit breaker and electrical panel configuration have to be maintained properly for the security of the house. Ensure that the individual circuits are not overloaded. Inspectors generally examine receptacles with GFI or ground fault circuit interrupters in the kitchens and bathrooms. What the buyers usually inspect is that the receptacles are genuine and are not dummies which do not work at all. They can also check a few of the grounded receptacles in your house.

Plumbing Issues

This is another common problem with home sellers. You must fix clogs and leaks before strangers arrive at your house. Any home buyer will definitely turn on the flushing toilets and faucets to examine the water pressure. So, you have to be sure that these are functioning in the right manner. Other appliances like clothes washers and dish washers are also tested by them. When the buyers examine the functionality of all these things, clogs and leaks are sure to catch their eyes. The drainage system also has to be maintained properly.

Other Systems

Apart from these vital things, there are certain other things that every house buyer checks. For instance, the cooling and heating system of the house. Be assured that these systems are in their proper conditions and can efficiently perform their task. Every appliance that you wish to sell with the house will be checked thoroughly.

Whenever any fault is noticed in the house, negotiation regarding its price is bound to occur and it is likely that you will end up making a bad deal. What mistake most homeowners make is they forget that they are competitors in the property market. Houses are nothing but a highly priced commodity and there are hundreds of them for the buyers to choose from. Add some new landscapes or a fresh paint to instantly change the look of your house.

In Victoria Park, professional inspectors examine properties offered for sale in the market. No matter who does the inspection, it is necessary that you keep your property in the most effective condition.


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