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Importance of FRP Grating in Industrial Access Systems


The importance of risk management in the industrial sector is increasing day by day. The growing numbers of worksite accidents is a major concern. The positive part is advanced technology is bringing in innovative systems which are gradually lowering the risks of worksite accidents. Composite grating using FRPis one such innovative system which has provided a comprehensive safety solution in various industrial construction features like floors, ramps, walkways, etc. Use of this mechanism enhances grip and thus the risks of tripping and slipping reduce to a great extent.

What is FRP Grating?

FRP or Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic grating is produced by blending a mold of resin and fiberglass. This innovative mechanism is used to cover up floors, manholes, decks, sliding ramps and many more constructional features. Apart from pultruded FRP, steel and aluminum is also used to manufacture grating structures for the floor. There are certain aspects that make FRP different from the traditional materials like aluminum and steel. Grating made from FRP imbibes the unique characteristics of the material and proves to be a valuable choice for the industrial access systems.

FRP Grating as an Effective Risk Control Measure

FRP grating reduces the risks of worksite accidents to a great extent. Let us have a quick look at the ways in which this particular system ensures safety and security.

  • Provides Better Grip– The traditional materials like aluminum and steel become extremely slippery in moist conditions. In fact when steel or aluminum grating is used in oil refineries and petroleum companies the risks of accidents multiplies because these materials become extremely slippery when they are in contact with oil and grease. FRP, on the other hand, provides maximum grip when compared to these materials. In fact, the texture of pultruded FRP may be customized according to the needs. Therefore, more coarse texture of FRP provides a much better grip.
  • Provides Better Visibility – FRP is a bright material and the fluorescence effect of the material provides much better visibility in low light circumstances. This feature proves to be effective when it is used in stair treads. It is particularly helpful for aged people suffering from poor eyesight.
  • Electrical Non Conductivity– This feature also helps to secure workplace safety and thus creates safe work environment.

FRP Grating as an Effective Structural Solution

Using FRP grating in industrial constructions has numerous benefits. Apart from controlling the risks, FRP grating proves to be an effective choice for the following reasons.

  • Cost Efficient – FRP is a highly durable material which does not corrode easily. Steel and aluminum, on the other hand, corrode due to prolonged exposure to factors like moisture, heat and chemicals. Therefore, FRP is a long lasting material and it proves to be a cost efficient choice. Apart from this the installation and maintenance costs are also comparatively low when compared to other substitutes.
  • High Strength and Light Weight– The best feature of FRP is that it has high strength irrespective of its lightweight attribute. Imbibing from the features of the material FRP grating has high strength and elasticity and, therefore, it can withstand a greater amount of pressure.

Looking at these features one can surely make out the reasons for which the demand of composite FRP grating is increasing day by day.


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