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Carbon Scrubbers Removing Bas Smell in Hydroponics


Carbon scrubber is an effective and safe device for removing odor in a hydroponics grow room. This scrubber works effectively when you convert a room to hydroponics grow room or when you use one hydroponics grow box for growing plants indoors. A scrubber is the right device for eradicating foul smell from grow-environments like your closet or garage. Many people prefer to use room ionizer, but it is safe to use carbon scrubbers for removing the odor.

Carbon Scrubbers
Ionizer – Is it safe?

Ionizers are also an effective device for odor control.  It is recommended to use this odor removing device in places where plants and human beings are not exposed to ionized air. Do you know why this is so? This is because ionized air is harmful to the human beings, animals and plants. So, you must keep these things at a distance from the grow space. You can use ionizers in areas devoid of living life. You should also be aware of the grow box manufacturers which include ionizers in the grow boxes for removing odor. You should not keep these things in the living area.

Carbon Scrubber – The Best Alternative

Taking all these things into regard, it is concluded that a carbon scrubber is the best and the safest option to ionizer. Scrubbers remove foul smell from a place and are also harmless for human beings and animals. Scrubber is a very simple tool. When you break it down, you will find two cylinders having a lining of thick charcoal carbon filling up the layers in the cylinder. Air is forcefully pushed inside through the cylinder’s middle portion to an open area and after that the air escapes by force through the activated carbon to wear out the scrubbers.

Since carbon is a porous material, it can absorb odor molecules right at its microscopic levels. So, when the air returns to the grow space, it is absolutely odorless. The scrubbers have to be replaced after every 6 months or annually to ensure that you have an odor-free area and do not face the problem again.

If you prefer to use hydroponics grow box in your room with the hope of making it odor-free, you must pick a scrubber of 25 pounds together with a strong blower. The blower will act as a ventilator for your grow box to make sure that it functions properly. Again, for ventilation to work, you need to have a good quality exhaust fans. A big size scrubber can work efficiently in removing odor from the air completely.

The scrubbers can also remove mold spores and pollen grains right from the surrounding air. Therefore, if you have a number of grow boxes, all operating simultaneously, and female and male plants are growing in the room, there will be no pollen grains around. So, whenever you plan to purchase a hydroponic grow box, choose one having large carbon scrubbers.  By this, you can get rid of bad smell, prevent diseases and have a healthy ambience all around. Do a bit of research before purchasing one.


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