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Fabrics in Men’s Shirts to Look for in Summer


Summer is a time when you have to wear clothes that not only make you look good, but also keeps you cool. Shirts are one of the most versatile outfits for men, which are used in almost every occasion and every season. When planning to buy shirts in summer, you need to choose the fabric carefully. Not all shirt fabrics can make you feel comfortable in those hot months. This article lists down the chief shirt fabrics that you should go for in summer.

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Cotton is always the best fabric to go for when buying shirts, tanks, tees, button downs and tees. Cotton has high breathability, absorbs humidity and also has high durability. It is can be easily washed, ironed and travelled with. When buying button down shirts, stick to cotton poplin as it is thinner and has greater popularity than oxfords. At all costs, avoid buying shirts made of cotton/polyester blends. Though these blends are very soft, they heat up quite rapidly.


Linen makes a great fabric for the summer months. Linen is a mesh-like fabric that has even more breathability than cotton. It allows the flow of air thereby keeping you cool and fresh. Although wrinkling is quite common with linen, this feature makes the fabric even more stylish and unique. Hence, go for linen shirts when going to purchase mens shirts given on sale.


Silk is not that popular for tanks and tees for men. However, a button down or polo shirt made up f silk would make you feel light incredibly. You feel cool, comfortable and free flowing in a silk shirt. It is a great fabric to combat the heat of summer. However, you would face some problems while washing and ironing a silk shirt. Consider getting your silk shirts dry cleaned to avoid the stress of washing. This would help you be comfortable as well as carefree when sporting silk shirt. A silk shirt also lends you a fashionable look.


Rayon makes a great choice as the fabric of a summer shirt. Rayon is breathable and cool. Most of the Hawaiian shirts are made up of rayon. Many rayon shirts have a silky feel.


Seersucker is mostly patterned with stripes and possesses a crinkled texture. The fabric is easy and comfortable to be worn in summer. Seersucker fabrics vary in weights, so consider going for a lighter version of the fabric when buying a shirt.


Poplin is very crisp and cool to touch. Poplin is an excellent fabric for shirts to be worn in the warmer and in the hot and humid days of summer. You do not need to starch the fabric to maintain its crispiness.

All these fabrics are a good fit for the hot days of summer. When purchasing mens shirts offered on sale, consider going for one of these shirt fabrics to be cool and comfortable. Each of these fabrics has its unique merits and limitations. Go for the one that you find to be cool and easy to maintain.


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