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Amazing Places to Visit in Laos with a Camera


A trip to Laos would remain in your memories forever. Laos is an unspoiled and rugged country located in South East Asia. The land seems to be a lost world with its majestic Buddhist temples, colorful mountain tribes and spectacular mountain views. The country also has a tragic history of being a country that has been attacked many times. It is a great tourist destination whether you want to relax or are looking for some adventure. Furthermore, Laos forms an ideal travel destination for travelers having a love for photography. This article gives a list of some of photographic spots of the land. Do not forget to carry your camera on your trip to the amazing land.


Luang Prabang:

Luang PrabangA trip to the country is incomplete without visiting the amazing Luang Prabang. It is one of the well-preserved towns in entire Asia. Visiting it seems like entering another century. The place has many old Buddhist temples and spectacular landscapes. The town is located between the rivers Nam Khan and Mekong, in the northern mountains of Laos. The real attraction of the town is the feel of life here. Stroll in the town and observe the people here, during your Laos package tours. You can watch processions of monks in saffron-robes collecting alms. Look at the villagers transporting goods on bicycles. Capture the spectacular landscapes, temples and the local people in your camera when visiting this place.

Si Phan Don:

Si Phan DonThis massive riverine archipelago is also referred to as 4000 islands. It is situated at the land’s southernmost point before the river Mekong flows to the Khone Falls and into Cambodia. The watery terrain offers a great landscape for exploring on kayaks, bicycles or four-wheelers. The landscape is also a picturesque one, and so, take more and more photos of the beautiful sights. The waters have some of the rare Irrawaddy Dolphins. If you are lucky, you may get a glimpse of a few.


Bokeo Nature Reserve:

Bokeo Nature ReserveThe best way of seeing the Bokeo Nature Reserve is to participate in the popular Gibbon Experience, which is a conservation project aimed at increasing awareness, and preserving the animals and wilderness residing in the reserve. The Gibbon Experience allows you enter the rainforest where zip-lines, footbridges and tree houses create an unforgettable, adventurous stay in the wild. Carry your camera and take some photos of wild.


Tham Kong Lo:

Tham Kong LoThe Tham Kong Lo Cave is like another world. Here, the ceilings are at the height of about 300 feet and the river Nam Hin Bun flows for about 7 km underground. River villages located in the wilderness of Phu Hin Bun allow you to hire boats. These boats allow you travel the cave with a flashlight. You can stop after small intervals, get down from the boat and take a walk in the pitch darkness. However, going for such a trip is not for faint-hearted people. If you go for the cave trip, make sure that you carry your camera to take some photos of the underground river.


These are some places you should during yourLaos tour to enjoy and capture some great places in the reel of your camera. Laos is a photographer’s delight with its interesting and beautiful places.


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