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5 Tourist Destinations That Complete a Tour to Laos


The geography of Laos is such that it seems to separate the whole country from the rest of the world. However, this separation does not work as an obstacle to the tourists around the world. Numerous people find Laos to be one of the most relaxing and vibrant tourist destinations around the world. With time, the number of people visiting this country is increasing, and, as a result, the gate towards many exciting tourist destinations is opening up.

Here are 5 of the most popular tourist destinations in Laos, which, if not visited, will keep a trip to the country incomplete –


The above term, if translated, presents us with 4,000 islands. These islands are scattered along the great Mekong River. Though the maximum part of the river is inaccessible due to strong current, some islands, which are accessible, are the home to the local tribes. However, the current in the river makes it a perfect place for boating and kayaking. The Khone Falls situated in this area is the home to the Irrawaddy Dolphins, one of the most highly endangered species.


This is one of the unique places on the earth. A piece of plain land stretched far away, and the entire land filled up with ancient jars. The matter of astonishment is that these jars have survived centuries of changes, and most of them are intact. Ancient burial practices are said to be linked with these jars, thereby increasing their importance.


This stupa is of golden color, and is a must see in Laos package tours. Situated in Vientiane, this structure has many terraces representing all the stages of Buddha enlightenment. Pha ThatLung was built in as early as the 16th century upon the ruins of the Khmer Temple. This area is quite rich in history, and, as a result, is a great place to create new memories with your camera.


This province is one of the most famous ones in the whole country and is often called by the name “The World Heritage City”. This is considered to be the most beautiful place in the country. Situated by the Mekong River, one can witness numerous valleys in this area. People, who visit this place, need not hire any mode of transportation. The whole place, if covered on foot, will unveil its real traditional beauty.


This place is locally named as ‘The Park of Holy Caves’. This is actually a sanctuary consisting of multiple Buddhist statues and is located in a cave at the upper part of the Mekong River. Every time local people visit the cave, they leave a Buddha statue within the cave as a sign of their religion. As it is situated on the upper part of Mekong, boat is the most reliable mode of transportation.

Opt for the best available package tours to Laos while making sure to include the above places. This will make sure that you can enjoy one of the most memorable vacations of your life.


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