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Combine your Muay Thai Training and Holiday in Thailand


Any martial arts and combative sports enthusiast will jump at the idea of spending a holiday in Thailand. Holidaying means lots of fun and entertainment and rewarding experiences.  Being the home of Muay Thai, the cultural pride of Thailand, the exciting martial art form, Thailand attracts more visitors who are fans of the martial arts.  Many of the visitors combine their holidays with Muay Thai training even if they are not serious fighters.  This is because Muay Thai is a perfect solution for weight loss to maintain fitness levels high.

Muay Thai Training Holiday

When you book your holidays to Thailand, some of the hotels offer free Muay Thai training sessions as a complimentary promotional deal.  That explains how popular the Muay Thai camps are to the world outside and the constant influx of foreign students and fans to Thailand.  The training camps are nestled in the idyllic sandy beaches and rainforests of Thailand.  Training facilities are located in Thailand’s tropical foliage with banana trees and coconut palms soaked in scenic beauty.

Thailand the Muay Thai training hub

The Muay Thai and MMA training programs are tailored to cater to various groups of learners starting from hobbyists and beginners to amateur and professional fighters.  With all the world class facilities at the hotels and at the training camps, with added attractions for relaxation, fitness and entertainment Thailand has been the preferred destination for Muay Thai training holiday mongers. Some of the training facilities offer other fitness regimens like Yoga, Detox, weight loss and fitness programs from the experts in these fields.  Camps include nutrition and diet advice and plans for those with special needs.

The trainers of Muay Thai are seasoned fighters with several years of fighting behind them.  They impart the techniques to students in a friendly way understanding individual difficulties. The gyms are modern and have all world class equipment with air cooling and matted flooring and more.

Levels of Muay Thai training

There are three levels of training in Muay Thai.  They are

  • Beginners level
  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced or professional level

Thailand the holiday destination

Thailand has several islands with white sandy beaches with a tropical climate.  The country has several forests and hills with picturesque landscape.  The beach front has facilities like jet skis, para sailing and snorkelling and scuba diving sports activities.  The city of Phuket has malls including western outlets like McDonalds and KFC besides offering Thai cuisine.   There are several markets for bargain shoppers.  Transport is available to travel within and out of the cities at affordable rates.  The cost of living in Thailand is very cheap making your Muay Thai training holiday more attractive.

Thai people are friendly and cooperative and helpful. World class clubs and hotels offer night entertainment.  There are special spas and salons with exotic services by trained professionals. There are several Muay Thai events organized all over Thailand in stadiums big and small.

A holiday tour in Thailand that includes Muay Thai training is an attractive proposition in any way you look at it.



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