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8 Reasons Why You Should Prefer FRP Beams Over Others


FRP or fibreglass reinforced plastic has gained overwhelming popularity around the world. It is being used not only in the constructional sectors, but also for household needs. However, this popularity was absent even few years ago. Back then, people preferred steel, aluminum, or other metals to serve the purpose. Then, as FRP appeared in the global market, it appeared to be the answer to all the problems related to the materials used at that time.

pultrusions-FRP Beams

Here are some of the reasons why people today do not think twice before choosing FRP as their prime constructional material:

Infinite Level of Potential

The prime limitation that people faced with steel and other metals is that they were unable to be used to construct anything people wanted. However, no such things were present in the case of fibreglass reinforced plastic. Think of anything and you can make it from fibreglass. From a small pathway to a partition, almost anything can be made out of this material.


There is no need to worry about the weight of this material. People, who have bought the cheapest quality fibreglass, have been sure about its density. It is lighter than any other materials used to serve a similar purpose. This not only makes it easier to carry from one place to another, but also reduces the transportation cost by a great extent.

High Mechanical Strength

This is one of the unique properties possessed by FRP. Though it is lightweight, it has a higher level of mechanical strength that is not present in the case of most other materials. This makes beams manufactured of FRP one of the most durable materials. It can outclass most other materials as steel, timber, and aluminum.

Strong Resilience

Hard finishing offers fibreglass with a greater level of resilience. This is absent in the case of any other materials.

Superb Chemical Resistance

FRP can resist the impact of almost any chemicals that are common in industrial areas. Materials like steel, aluminum and others react with chemicals, and often, they get damaged. However, fibreglass offers greater resistance to most chemicals, and is, therefore, used to construct structures like covers, ducts, pipes, tanks, and other similar structures.

Withstand Great Changes in Temperature

FRP can be used for both indoor, as well as, outdoor purpose. This is possible as it can withstand great changes in temperature, and can be used both in hot and cold areas. Moreover, it does not get rusted in the rain, and is resistant to the harmful UV rays.

Anti-Slip Property

This is one of the greatest advantages of FRP over other traditional materials. Due to its anti-slip properties, the number of slip and fall accidents have been reduced by a great extent. However, on the other hand, materials like steel or aluminum get slippery even after a mild wash, and can act as a gateway to severe accidents.

Fire Resistant

Heard of any materials that are resistant to fire? Fibreglass is one of those few materials that can withstand the immense heat generated during a fire breakout, and does not experience any changes.

Therefore, do not think twice before availing beams made of FRP in order to enjoy complete peace of mind along with numerous other advantages.


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