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Common Blunders with Trousers Guys Should Avoid


Women generally get to blend up their trousers with skirts, fancy dresses and various occasional shorts. But for the boys, “it is all pants, all the time”. Consequently, it is very essential for men to get all the minute details right in-order to flaunt the right style. Nowadays many online portals are offering splendid option in respect to the trousers for men through their onlineshopping scheme.

Men's Clothing RoomHowever, a lot of guys are making grave mistakes when it comes to selecting the right pant, right from the cut of the pant at the top, till the cuffs of the pant at the bottom. Therefore, here are some important tips about the most basic mistakes, men make in respect of wearing pants – All men should know that women are looking and judging by the dress a man wears.

Pants Must Not Be Pleated

The most important thing a man should know and understand that pleats in pants are basically woman repellant. Moreover, pleats in the pant make a fat look rather than making it slimmer. A “flat cut” pant rather makes the look slimmer and thus it makes an average looking guy more attractive and stylish.

Wear Slim-Cut, Not Skinny

Most men should consider wearing a trouser that is magnificently slim cut. It simply augments his overall look and appearance. But a skinny pant may not suit all the guys. They look magnificent on the girls, but not on all the guys. Therefore, they should be careful while selecting between slim-cut and skinny pants.

Do Not Show Your Inner

Showing inner, may be a fashion statement doing round, but men should understand that, this particular style is tremendously hated by most of the women. Do not wear pant too low. This not only a bad gesture, but also make the look horrible for men. The general rule is that, men should not wear pants seven inches below the navel. Rather higher-waist trousers can do wonders for men with shorter heights.

Light-Washed Jeans Should Be Avoided

Light – washed Jeans are out of fashion since a long time. Therefore, men should avoid wearing this particular style of jeans as it makes a man look old and shabby. Moreover, it makes the appearance flabby rather than making it slim.

Trouser Should Fit Perfectly

Men’s trousers should be a perfect fit. It should not be too loose, or even too tight. There should be the perfect balance between the two. If one gets it hard to find the perfect fit, then he should go to the nearest tailor and alter it to make the perfect fitting.

Match Your Pants with Shoes

Never wear shiny black shoes with any pant. Just because the pants are in dark shades, it cannot be substituted with the black colored trousers. Shiny shoes can only be worn, with the black colored pant and no other shades. Therefore, men should always dress keeping things in mind that women are always looking and judging a man from his appearance.

Therefore, all men should keep these important points in mind while buying their favorite pair of trousers either from the nearest store, or online trousers sale available for men. They should pick such a style and color of trouser which augment their look in a better way and not the other way round.


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