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Visit the Best 5 Temples of Angkor in Cambodia


Cambodia is a country filled with the Khmer cultures and beliefs. Angkor is the city of temples and is situated between the Kulen Mountains and the Tonal sap Lake. The city contains many remains of the capital city of Khmer Empire. These many temples that you find here are nothing but the skeleton of the vast social, political and religious center of a huge empire.

Here are the best 5 temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia:-

The Angkor Wat temple:

Angkor Wat is one of the most spectacular and largest of all the temples present in Angkor. The temple occupies an area of more or less 200 hectares, i.e., four hundred and ninety-four acres. There is a huge “rectangular reservoir” surrounding the temple, this rises up in a series of “three rectangular terraces” to the “central shrine”. The height of this tower is two hundred and thirteen meters. The structure of the temple is based on the beliefs of the Khmer kingdom.

Bayon Temple:

The Bayon temple is said to be featuring a sea of more than two hundred massive faces made of stone. The smiles on the faces make people curious. Many say that the facers are the portraits of the Khmer King Jayavarman VII or the combination of the Buddha and the king himself. It is the only temple at the religious state of Angkor built solely for as the “Mahayana Buddhist Shrine” dedicated to Lord Buddha. If you want to know much about this temple, contact any Cambodia tour operator.

Ta Prohm:

The ruin of Ta Prohm temple is brilliant for photography. The tresses that have grown outside the temple will give you feel of an early explorer. When the other temples remind you about the Khmer arts and cultures, this temple will remind you about the jungle power.

Angkor Thom:

Angkor Thom is the last capital of the Khmer kingdom. This temple city sets up a new standard for the architecture of the monuments. This was built as part of the “reaction to the surprise sacking of the Angkor by Chams”. The wall of the city has a “sanctuary Tower” at every corner and five gates for entry. Each gate has four faces similar to the Bayon temple, towered on the top. The best way to enter into this temple is through the south gate because it is lined with 54 gods and demons depicting the famous Hindu legend “Churning of the Ocean Milk.”

Banteay Srei:

Banteay Srei is one of the smallest temples of Angkor, located far away from the chief group of temples. But it is still very much popular amongst the tourists because of its beautiful carvings. It is considered as a precious jewel of the Khmer art. The structure is made up of fine grains of pink sandstones.

These are the five most magnificent temples of Angkor Wat. The largest temple being the Angkor Wat is the best amongst all. Hire a tour guide to get the best deals on Cambodia tours.


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