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Proper Screening is Important for Smooth Export Transaction


If you are new to the export trading world, then you have to know the basics of this field to run your business smooth. There are numerous regulations and laws were enacted by the respective government agencies to avoid the export blunders. If a person or company violates those international trade laws, the company or a person can face severe fines and penalties.

The Need of Proper Screening:

  • Certain activities can place a company or a business name in the denied or restricted party screening list. That is why; the global trade with those entities needs to be handled very carefully. Violation of export and import regulations may lead those companies to imprisonment and large fines.
  • Prior to importing, exporting or making any transaction with a foreign entity, you have to screen your customer, supplier or trade partner with properly developed restricted party screening software. It will help you to mitigate all the risks related with the transactions. You have to screen your party to discover if there are any potential issues exist or not.
  • Government agencies have enacted those trade control laws mainly to protect the national security interests and to better serve the foreign policy objectives. According to such regulations, globally trading companies are obligated to develop an extensive trade compliance procedure to have a low risk import/export venture. As such, screening your trading partners is a must in these days. If you find any company or any individual who is listed on restricted parties, then you should not make any deal with them without first obtaining an export license or authorization.

Most Effective Way:

In order to cope up with all the requirements of though international transaction world, companies are counseled to use the efficient and approved export software and complete their transactions in a smoother way. You can screen all your business associates through this software and avoid trading with the denied or restricted entities. It assists you to be compliant and evade bad reputation and financial losses.  There are numerous companies are open in the market, which will assists you by screening all your trade associates and identifying the denied or restricted ones by operating web-based virtual export software as well as compliance tools.

Compliance with the EAR and compliance with the ITAR should be highly critical targets for in the exporting world. So, screen your business associates properly and have experience of hassle free trading. You also have to stay up to date with the new international transaction laws to prosper in this challenging area.


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