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FRP Structures – The Best Materials for Constructional Purposes


Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic has changed the whole outlook of the industrial construction companies. They are beneficial in both characteristic and operational way. The material is exclusive and can’t be compared with all the other materials like aluminum, wood and steel. Most of the architects and experts have chosen it as the best constructional element.

An overview of FRP materials:

The FRP Pultruded structures and beams are made by the unique process of “cross selection”. This process is commonly known as Pultrusions. FRP products are very strong by nature. If the operational benefits are considered, fiberglass materials have no match. This is thousand times better than all the other constructional materials in every aspect. The best thing about this material is one can amplify the material gradation according to their requirements and needs.

Fiberglass is used in most of the modern constructional companies. Various types of structures are made with fiberglass, starting from conventional structures to engineered structures. Some examples of these fiberglass structural sections are FRP roofing, grating, cladding and FRP pillars and beams.

A look on the various advantages of fiberglass sections:-

There are unlimited features which make fibreglass a unique product. Take a look at the factors that have made fiberglass so popular amongst the constructional companies.

Increased stability of the structures:

Pultruded Fibreglass structures and materials are mush stronger than that of the other materials like aluminum and steel. This is the only reason for which the structures gain more stability. The most important factor amongst all of these is the durability; it also enhances the durability of the structures. Structures made with aluminum and steel have high chances of getting withered and destroyed if exposed in extreme factors. Factors like chemicals, heat and moisture.

Excellent durability:

This is the factor or aspect which makes FRP the most superior product as compared to aluminum and steel. This is highly durable and hence, mostly used by the constructional industries. The material is an excellent one as it can withstand extreme pressure for longer time. Inspire of these it is also resistant to corrosion which happens when the product comes in contact will very harmful chemicals, heat and moisture. It is also flame and electricity resistant and hence is chosen for constructional usage.

Highly Cost Efficient:

This is one of the primary reason for which fiberglass sections are in demand. As it is a very light weighted material, installations of FRP structures are done for free by most of the companies or manufacturers. Aluminum and steel are heavy in nature and hence, involves lots of money just for installation of it. Along with this the cost of maintenance of these structures and materials are very less than that of other materials. Aluminum and steel structures get damaged easily and also require a usual maintenance.

There are manufacturers which are still trying to do more developments in the material so that the cost efficiency, durability and strength of these element increases further. This is one of the best materials for constructional purposes discovered till date.


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