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Importance of Martial Arts in Improving Health and Fitness


There are more than enough reasons why martial arts training should become an integral part of everyone’s life. The combination of cardio exercises helps improve the heart health, immune system and even the emotional health. Learners gain strength and flexibility, lose weight, build a better self image and feel more relaxed. AKA Thailand runs world-class martial arts and fitness camp at its Phuket facility, bringing both professional and amateur training within the reach of a larger, enthusiastic populace.

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Martial Arts and Fitness Programme

AKA Thailand, after receiving global acclaim for their martial arts training from their San Jose facility, have brought the same quality of training programme to South East Asia in Phuket. Their 6000 sq.ft. Thailand facility is not just the Mecca for the professional fighters from Thailand and the entire world, but also for the beginners and amateurs who seek the most effective and healthiest fitness programmes. In addition to professional and competition fighters, even ordinary people can join their fitness camp phuket for learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and MMA. Anyone seeking a general fitness regime could take advantage of their Strength and Conditioning Programme.

Weight Loss and Fitness Benefits

The American Kickboxing Academy in Thailand is a specialised training facility for the ancient Thai martial art of Muay Thai. Their fitness camp phuket offers world-class training in this martial art form, enabling both combat sport pros and amateurs to receive unmatched training. Muay Thai has been found to be highly effective in helping improve the overall fitness levels, especially in weight loss.

This martial art involves a combination of Aerobic / Anaerobic training methods that put the body and mind through one of the toughest levels of endurance. The facility’s trainers are some of the most experienced, select few experts in the martial art form who know how to adapt to the different training needs of different students. They even have special training programme for overweight individuals. Most importantly, their trainers are highly professional and courteous, and know how to help their learners touch their physical limitations.

Strength and Conditioning Programme

One of the important programmes at this fitness camp phuket is their Strength and Conditioning class. It is carefully created to train learners with different fitness levels – from beginners to professional fighters. People seeking to lose weight will find it difficult to come across another more effective weight-loss and fitness programme. AKA Thailand’s certified trainers help learners in sculpting the perfect body shape, improving physical mobility and enhance the overall fitness levels. This is the ideal training programme for anyone seeking to build muscle and strength, lose weight and become more athletic.

The experienced trainers at American Kickboxing Academy Thailand are experts not only in carving the perfect training programme for their students, they also create a nutritional plan to meet their physical needs. Learners, both amateurs and pros, receive total support through their fitness journey or sports career. Anyone who seeks to make a major lifestyle change should take martial arts training more seriously and make it an integral part of their life.


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