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Live in Clean Surroundings and Say No to Foul Smell


Life would not have been possible for human beings without an appropriate atmosphere. This atmosphere makes our earth different from other planets. So it is very important for us to save the atmosphere from bad odor.

Odor is not visible but can cause harm to a great extent. Hospitals need to maintain hygiene and thus they use high quality odor control system.

Types of waste that produce foul odor:

Domestic Waste-Houses produce lot of waste. These wastes get accumulated in the area and get decomposed with time creating a foul smell.

Factory Waste– Factory uses lot of chemicals that drains into the water bodies present in the surrounding areas. These chemicals pollute the water bodies and, as a result, produce a foul smell.

Hospital Waste– Hospitals are the place where different kinds of medicines, syringes are used. After use, these are being dumped into the surrounding area which in turn accumulates germs and give out a foul smell.

Impact on Living Creatures– Although foul smell is not visible, these smells affect the aquatic life as well as human beings internally. These create problem in the respiratory system and other health issues as well.

How to get rid of malodor-

As industries are growing in an enormous way, so the pollutants and toxins are being produced in a large extent. It is very much needed for everyone to get rid of these. Various new ways have evolved to eliminate malodor from surroundings. Chemical scrubbers have become common for industries to get rid of malodor.

Various Kinds of Scrubbers have evolved to get rid of malodors. These are-

Bio Scrubbers– Wide range of bio scrubbers are now available in the market. These are also known as bio filters. These are made in such a way to accomplish definite need. Bio scrubbers are environment friendly and can eliminate certain intolerable elements and foul smell.

Carbon Filters– Carbon has the power to absorb dirt. Carbon scrubbers are made of carbon products and other chemicals, which absorb foul smells. These are generally used for waste water treatment. They have the power to absorb any kind of malodor.

Chemical Filters– These are highly used in industries, as they help to get rid of odor caused by chemicals. Industries use it to remove odor created by different chemicals.

As these machines are durable, their maintenance cost is very low. These devices stay intact for years; there is no need to change it for long.

Other Ways are-

Fragrance System– These systems can control odor as well as give out a sweet smell. It cuts out every kind of bad odor and creates a serene atmosphere. These systems can even kill bacteria.

Waste Water Control– These systems should be kept in every water bodies to control the bacteria and foul smells.

Our atmosphere is made up of different types of gas and each of them smells different. Sulphur and Nitrogen produces a foul odor. To control this malodor, odor control system helps in producing a good odor and purifying the atmosphere. Chemical scrubbers are most widely used to control odor.


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