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Benefits of an integrated approach for marketing with mailing services UK


A number of researches have concluded that direct mail is one the most effective and cheapest marketing strategies. With technological advancement and growth people have moved to the latest technologies in communication like Instant Messaging but for any business, direct mailing still holds a lot of importance. Experts are of the opinion that a business can greatly benefit by following an integrated marketing plan and not just depending on a single mode of communication. Here are a few benefits of direct mailing and tips on how one can use it in integration with other technologies for reaching out to their prospective clients.


Direct mails are flexible:

The strategy of direct mailing can be used for meeting a number of goals, this characteristic of mailing services UK makes it highly flexible. For a new company or a start-up, direct mail can be used as a tool for promotion and publicity. It can be used to provide the audience with some form of coupons or offers. This is not a sustainable form of marketing and is apt only for companies which are trying to create a niche for themselves. For companies looking to build a long term relationship with their customers, direct mail can be used as a tool to send out a reminder. Direct mails can also be used to gather more information about the customers and also to know their opinions.

High effectiveness:

The hardest aspect of marketing is reaching out to the customers. Unlike email marketing, direct mailing services UK give the business a way to avoid the irksome spam folder and reach out to the target directly. Effectiveness of a direct mail can be easily measured; this makes it easy to use and gives it an edge over the other means of marketing. Any business can keep a track of mails with coupon codes that have been sent out and track the coupon codes that have been used after the mails are sent out. In this way the response of customers can also be tracked easily.

Benefits of an integrated approach:

Marketing experts believe that direct mailing can work wonders when integrated with other marketing strategies. An integrated approach can be used to send out a message to the target audience or gather their opinion. Their opinions can then be used to serve them better. If a business is looking for some short term returns then direct mails along with other means can serve the purpose well. Following an integrated approach guarantees higher returns as compared to other alternatives.

The success of any marketing campaign depends on a number of factors but broadly its success depends on factors like its ability to reach its target, effectiveness of the communication and measurability of the results. Even though the trend today has shifted towards online media and digital forms of marketing but direct mail still remains an important part of any marketing strategy. Including a call for action in the direct mail is the most efficient strategy as this drives the customer towards the website or the business for more information.


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