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Get into Shape with Fitness Camp Phuket


There is no other place in Thailand that provides the number of fitness alternatives to its visitors like Phuket. People from all over the world, travel to this island with this strong intention of acquiring a good body shape. Staying there often inspires people towards making some healthy modifications to their lifestyle. In fact, watching people engaging themselves in certain fitness activities can really be inspiring. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you can always visit a training camp in Phuket to have that relaxation and fun along with training.

AKA Thailand
Phuket in the form of a Fitness Destination

Phuket is a place that is famous as a tourist destination throughout the world. There are many attractions in this place, including the sandy and serene beaches with great accommodation, facilities for adventure and water sports, recreational activities and the salubrious climate. Nevertheless, Phuket also serves in the form of a fitness destination in Thailand with a number of fitness camps providing good training in Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand.

Pride and Culture of Thailand

Muay Thai is a famous sport in Thailand possessing a number of different sides. It is not only a competitive sport, but an activity that boosts fitness and self-defense. MMA or Mixed martial art is a form of combat sport that involves entire body contact using various techniques such as striking and grappling. Phuket is the birthplace of Muay Thai and therefore a fitness camp in Phuket can be the natural preference for international aficionados. Some of the best MMA and Muay Thai training camps located there possess world champions as their trainers. The best MMA and Muay Thai training sites are organised in gyms having good facilities.

Who can Attend Fitness Camp in Phuket?

Professional and amateur fighters have the option of choosing between several courses for beginners and advanced programs meant for tournament fighters. The fitness enthusiasts who have this strong intention of adding diversity and details to their fitness regime can also attend the camp. The fitness camps provide programs for boosting endurance, mental toughness and for increasing overall strength. The fitness camps also help in improvising the overall well being of a student. Overweight people who are looking for a method of losing weight for overcoming their limitations and maintain good life quality and health can also be a part of such camps in Phuket.

Training areas in a fitness camp in Phuket are air-conditioned and they have good accommodation capacity as well. The curriculum at the fitness camps includes certain proven techniques used by champions. Trainers at the fitness camps are experts who are former or present champions in respective sports. Different student groups have to go through different training levels, according to goals. Trainers effectively pass their skills and techniques to students in harmony with traditional and ethical standards. Individual limitations and weaknesses are areas that the trainers can understand very well and they help students in overcoming these problems in a healthy and friendly manner. Camps are spacious with latest facilities and equipment for fitness training.


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