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Why FRP Has Gained So Much Popularity in Constructional Sites


Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic or FRP is the only material that is used in the manufacture of various types of products. And most of these products have their implication on industrial and constructional platforms. Some of these products are decks, ramps, ladders, access systems to heavy structures from construction sites like roofing, pillars, beams, etc. Most manufacturers call these a material of worker’s choice.

For ensuring safety and security in workplaces, some uses FRP made stair nosing system, which is an excellent anti-slip mechanism. It enhanced your grip on stairs and resists you from facing the common accidents of slipping and tripping.

FRP Beams for Complete Support and Stability:

Fibreglass made pillars and beams experiences great demand in the market. There are numerous reasons behind such a huge demand of these advanced structures. This material is itself unique and is manufactured by using an advanced and thorough process commonly known as Pultrusion. It is produced by using glass based fibers and fibreglass material. The final product which comes out after this process is highly strong, durable, lightweight and resistant to corrosion.  These are some of the basic features of this material. Apart from these, there is various other exclusive feature of this material.

Fibreglass beams and pillars that are used in the industries incorporate these unique features and become the most superior material amongst all. They are so effective and efficient that you can easily consider them the king of all the other materials used for manufacturing support systems.

Factors that has made FRP so popular:

There are several factors that make FRP such a great choice for most of the manufacturers. Let’s have a quick overview of all those factors:

•    FRP is a material that is highly strong and this the biggest reason why most constructional companies opt for beams and pillars made of this material. This is because they want something that can undertake huge pressure and offer excellent support and stability.

Moreover, these materials can withstand more pressure than all the other materials like aluminum and steel.

•    The best thing is that in spite of being such a strong material, FRB beams weights very less. Thus, most of the manufacturing companies install them for free.

•    The biggest advantage of using structures made of FRP is that it has the capable of resisting various factors like heat, electricity, corrosion and many more. This means that whatever be the condition of the atmosphere, these materials can manage very easily. They will neither change their composition nor will change their shape like other materials.

•    They run for many years, or they are highly durable in nature. This is another primary reason for which most of the manufacturers look for FRP materials. They not only reduce your maintenance cost, but also make sure that you are totally safe and secured.

Fibreglass beams and other structures are used in various types of industrial workplaces and constructional sites. They have gained so much popularity recently that most people are now only looking forward to constructional structures made up of FRP.


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