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Get into Shape with Fitness Camp Phuket

There is no other place in Thailand that provides the number of fitness alternatives to its visitors like Phuket. People from all over the world, travel to this island with this strong intention of acquiring a good body shape. Staying there often inspires people towards making some healthy modifications to their lifestyle. (more…)


Get the Best out of Muay Thai Training in Phuket

Those individuals who are in love with fighting or martial art, Thailand is considered as the heavenly place as the most old-style and attractive fighting art, Muay Thai is invented from there. The Muay Thai fighting art comes with many advantages and people crave to acquire this charming art because of its huge advantages. (more…)

A bit about Muay Thai Phuket history

The problem with most forms of martial arts is that finding out exactly what their history is about is difficult. The most important reason for this happens to be the fact that most of them are very ancient and during that time, efforts were not in place to make sure that there was enough record-keeping. (more…)

5 Reasons Why Crossfit Is Better Than Other Fitness

Crossfit training has been one of the most popular modes of gaining fitness throughout the world. As this training has been designed with the help of latest technologies, people find it easier to accept and understand it than any other fitness programs. It has not been many years since Crossfit fitness appeared in the scenario. (more…)

Combine your Muay Thai Training and Holiday in Thailand

Any martial arts and combative sports enthusiast will jump at the idea of spending a holiday in Thailand. Holidaying means lots of fun and entertainment and rewarding experiences. (more…)

The Major Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga

It is considered that practicing Yoga regularly can virtually treat all the major diseases of the body. It is one of the most traditional meditative arts which involve various “asanas” (Yoga Poses). (more…)