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Experience the Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a chef branch of medical science with its origin dating back to the ancient times. Yoga can effectively cure many physical and mental disorders. Besides improving your physical and mental health, it also enhances your spiritual health. A few of the numerous benefits of yoga are good health, peaceful mind, beautiful skin and flexible body. (more…)


Health Benefits of Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai is popularly known as the ‘Art of the Eight Limbs’ because it involves the use of hands, shins, elbows and knees. It is a popular martial art form that originated in Thailand, and now it is the country’s national sport. (more…)

Muay Thai Camps – A New Fitness Sensation

Increased stress and tensions are the common issues with people around the world. Strict work schedule and irregular food habits have resulted in increased body weight and syndromes associated with it. Naturally people have become more fitness conscious nowadays, and that has forced them to maintain strict health regime that is useful for the mind, body and soul. (more…)

Practice Yoga to Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

Yoga is an ancient science of healing the body and mind. It has numerous benefits like good health, peaceful mind, glowing beautiful skin, flexible and strong body and weight loss. Apart from its benefits at the level of the body, it also unites the breath, mind and body. When in harmony, you feel more fulfilled, happy and calm. There are many gyms in Phuket that conduct yoga sessions. Regular practice of yoga in Phuket can cure many diseases of both the body and mind. This article outlines the prominent benefits of practicing yoga on a regular basis.